Liberation Is Possible

Guidance, Accompaniment and Solace in Troubled Times

"I help people feel better in a body, on this planet, in these times."

-Anthony Twig Wheeler

Polyvagal Theory Simplified

Resources for Helping Professionals investigating our mammalian heritage and the Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges. Includes works in audio, video and text formats. Polyvagal Theory Explained by Twig

Finally the Fire - A True Story

An online storytelling event recounting the struggle and triumph of protecting my homestead at the end of the road through the largest wildfire in WA state history (The Carlton Complex Fires, 2014). These webisodes are 2-5 minutes long: performed, recorded, edit and produced by Anthony Twig Wheeler on the 1-year anniversary of the fires. (Update: Production was interrupted by new fires in July 2015. The storytelling will resume Spring 2016).

What Else is Anthony Twig Wheeler Up To?

I’m constantly producing new arts and information projects. Each of these is unique but they all revolve around helping us understand how our bodies work so we can help them work better.

Please Make It Fun!

Please Make It Fun!

I often:

  • Translate the science about stress and trauma into ideas everyone can understand.
  • Offer expert sessions, consultations & presentations in Somatic Experiencing® therapy.
  • Identify cultural forms (things you can do) that work with, rather than against, our human nature.
  • Produce entertaining art work and commentary that champions the possibility of liberation and well-being.
  • Help name the big questions about the direction & consequences of modern societies and how we can protect ourselves from their difficulties.

I use improvisational storytelling, dynamic presentations, informed therapy, professional consultations, workshops and the information projects on

Money Questions: is funded solely by Twig’s work as a consultant, cultural animator and independent social entrepreneur.

I have time and attention for you. Please consider engaging one of my services or send a tip to help keep the lights on.


Anthony Twig Wheeler presenting his piece What Goes Up Wants to Come Down at the Merc theater in Twisp, WA 2014

From “What Goes Up Wants to Come Down” – Twisp, WA – 2014