Orientation to Anthony Twig Wheeler’s Public Projects

One of Anthony Twig Wheeler's Projects Teaching primitive living skills.

I’ve always liked playing with dolls.

I produce unexpected projects to share all kinds of cool stuff about being human. Many of these focus on getting through hard times and making the best thing happen that can.

I’m just getting started, though I’ve already got some good stuff out there.

Organized by theme, medium & audience around things like how to:
  • Feel better in troubled times.
  • Incorporate SE into a therapeutic practice [for professionals].
  • Limit accumulated stress for individuals and society.
  • Love the living world in a time of loss.
  • Other helpful and healthful ideas for staying human in the age of fragmentation.
More Information about these:
  • Some Projects are blogs, others are presentations, interviews, performances, etc.
  • Most projects have an RSS feed so you can “subscribe” to receive updates to the project.
  • Additions to these projects happen in part because of interest and participation from others. If you’ve got a question, something valuable to add or considered criticism please be in contact.
  • You’re encouraged to share this information with others but please be aware that the content in these projects is protected by a Creative Commons Share-Alike license unless otherwise noted. Take a look at the Creative Commons license.

Everybody needs something worthwhile to do. Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to.

Stories of Completion

One man’s journey from despair to well-being with the help of Somatic Experiencing therapy.

An autobiographical One-Man show full of humor, drama and insight sharing Twig’s road to recovery from complex PTSD. See video clips from Stories of Completion and learn more here.

Recommended for: You and all your friends. Also all social change advocates, therapists, academics, lovers of the human story and good folks of every stripe and color.

Stories from Congo – We’re All in this Together

A humorous felt-sense storytelling of travel, trauma, recovery and our shared humanity from DR Congo.

My friends and partners in DRC are trying to get to Europe to continue their efforts to bring Somatic Experiencing to their war affected people. To help out I’ve developed a storytelling event from my time in DRC as a way to help raise funds for their tuition and travel. These stories are going to help you laugh, cry and rediscover our common humanity all over again. I hope you’ll join me in helping out. Excepts and news about this performance and fundraising project here.

Recommended for: You and all your friends. Also all social change advocates, therapists, academics, lovers of the human story and good folks of every stripe and color.

Self Care for Troubled Times

A blog series sharing ideas for attending to well-being in a time of loss, conflict, fear and uncertainty. The ideas in here are for everyone who is interested in trying to make this situation a little better for themselves by participating with their nature that much more. One of the best routes to feeling better is learning about what you are as a member of the human species and then giving your critter the kind of support it expects.

Admittedly this project hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves yet. All in good time. More about Self-Care for Troubled Times here (Link Coming Soon).

Recommended for: DIY oriented folks, helping care professionals and the general public who want to feel better.

Origins of Trauma

I’ve been looking for “a reason for all the pain” for as long as I can remember. From 2002 – 2008 I made a formal study on the origins of traumatic stress in the human species. This project, bit by bit, shares my findings. (Link Coming Soonish)

Recommended for: Academics, social change agents, therapists, researchers and anyone whose curious about the notion that our species is traumatized by the social and physical environments our agricultural-industrial-technological civilizations have created.

What if Everybody Knew?

I’m trying to find out what will happen when everybody knows that: That traumatic stress is far more avoidable than we commonly think and that the right kind of care and attention can help people everywhere feel a whole lot better. Knowing a bit about how our biology works in relationship to stress is knowledge we all need these days.

Recommended for: Well…everyone. That’s the point.

More Projects from Twig as time goes on

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