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Guidance, Accompaniment and Solace in Troubled Times

Tracking the Origins of Trauma

Somewhere Something Went Terribly Wrong

An investigation into the Origins of Trauma in the Human Species

The Questions: 
  • If trauma is not found in wild animals why is it so common in people?
  • If it’s so biologically costly, how did evolution allow it to develop at all?
  • When did humans start getting traumatized so easily?
  • What’s going on here?
Some Answers: 
  • Trauma is common in animals in captivity, including humans.
  • It’s actually a collection of cultural phenomenon inhibiting biology that cause systematic traumatization in humans, not biology alone.
  • Apparently at the transition between the Ancestral Environment (Paleolithic Period) to the Modern (Neolithic to Techno-Industrial).
  • Let’s find out. Read the article to get started.