Twig’s Stories of Completion – A personal accounting of trauma recovery with the help of Somatic Experiencing therapy

An unexpectedly authentic, helpful and hopeful tale about troubled times turned toward good

 “Wow. Twig can get it across! Authentically. and with humor. what else is there? Just see it!” –Kim McCourt, Therapist

stories-of-completion-web An autobiographical One-Man show dramatizing Twig’s life experience with complex PTSD, the adventurous, painful and often dangerous directions it lead him too and the deep ease he found by settling his nervous system with the aid of Somatic Experiencing therapy. A story filled with drama, humor and insight and a way for Twig to help spread the question: what if everybody in distress knew that things can change?

Plans for reproducing Stories of Completion for a wider audience are maturing and I hope to announce those during the summer of 2014. Receiving my newsletter will be a great way for me to tell you good news like that.

Until then, here are a few older video clips that exist from past productions.

“Twig’s mastery of performance art had us in stitches the whole evening. This is a must see performance. Twig Wheeler is a national treasure!” –Neal Winblad, MFT