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All of Twig's works for Helping Professionals has been moved to it's own fresh and beautiful site.

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Twig’s Professional Services

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Past Workshops and Services which might come round again at any time based on your invitation:

  • A well organized archive of Twig’s workshops [link coming back soon] – Only the current workshops are here right now but I will get the old stuff back up sometime. Each listing has information that can be helpful to people digging deep into Somatic Experiencing.
  • Invite Twig to your Community – Admittedly I’m traveling less but I’m still traveling. I’m always interested in hearing creative ideas.
 Some ask, “Why does he put so much into this?”

And I respond, partly this is my job. As in, this is what I do to meet my financial obligations and keep myself safe that way. However, I’m not interested in just helping people feel better so I can make more money. I’m interested in making more money so I can help more people feel better. The passion comes from this recognition: I feel safer when the people around me feel safer. I’d like to help you help other people feel safer. Then I’ll feel even safer. That’s a good trade.