SE Practitioners – You Can Know What To Say In Every SE® Session You Give

Do your sessions sometimes stall, go astray or fall flat leaving you uncertain of what to say next?

Here is a guide to help you fine tune each and every intervention you make in your sessions:

  • When a client can’t feel their body.
  • When client’s won’t orient with you.
  • When the story races out of your control.
  • When you point to the positive and they claim the negative.
  • Along with many other difficult “What to do next?” situations.

Put your SE® skills to best use by clarifying your communications: Know when, why and what to say to your clients.

– Infused with helpful insights about the process of successful SE sessions and the structure of the “SE Language.” –

There's enough here to keep you going "Wow, that's good!" for a long time to come.

There’s enough here to keep you going “Wow, that’s good!” for a long time to come.

This in-depth exploration of the SE Language will:

  • Equip you with the vocabulary and structure necessary for successful sessions.
  • Help you understand where things are going wrong and what to change.
  • Give you 100s of phrasing examples you can use in countless situations.
Created by Anthony Twig Wheeler after:
  • A decade of personal in-depth study and mastery of our SE craft.
  • Over 2 dozen live workshops given on best practices in SE communication taught in the US, Brazil and Japan.
  • Years of feedback from consultations about what works and what doesn’t.
Your Investment:
  • $250 simple fee for streaming and download access to the entire program and future updates.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If this program doesn’t help you dramatically improve your sessions or leaves you wanting in any way, get in touch and your money will be refunded right away.
  • A Free Sample Bundle of Twig’s online works, including many chapters from the Language Guide, is also available.
Your Gain: 
  • Over 8 hours of novel, well organized and finely edited material curated specifically to help you increase your SE confidence with each word you speak.
  • Immediate access to further Version 1 releases as new material is added with a phrase ebook companion planned for V. 2.
  • Associated encouraging emails to help you implement various learning points included in the guide.
  • Influence over the course of future development with this material including having your specific SE Languaging questions answered as best as Twig can.
  • A radically improved ability to steer your sessions where you want them to go.
This Guide to the SE Language was created to help you clarify your communications with your clients to bring more success and ease when offering SE style sessions. It’s an independent resource meant to aid and abet Somatic Experiencing practitioners who are looking for artfulness and ease in their work. Please, check out a few sample chapters below.

Reflections from Participants:

“Twig is a gifted, warm, and very intelligent teacher. In this course the material is very accessible, thought-provoking and applicable to our practices.  I have found it to be a great refresher to the SE approach — and it enables me to then have greater ease in bringing it more fully into my sessions and into my thinking about my work.  My experience has been that really integrating SE into other modalities takes a lot of practice and a lot of continued learning.  And this version of learning is affordable and truly accessible (on your computer).  I often listen to a chapter during a lunch break, or during a free hour, and feel really nourished and inspired in my work.”– Ellen Goldsmith, SEP

“Twig’s Languaging Guide is a core part of my SE library! Twig skillfully presents languaging concepts and examples grounded in SE principles that help me continually refine what I do and say in SE sessions. The video is of high quality and well-organized. Twig is thoughtful and engaging. The information is practical and accessible, and the examples are truly relevant and instructive. I find myself returning regularly to the Languaging Guide to review concepts, to get ideas for refining my choices and language in sessions, and to be inspired and encouraged as I continue to develop my own SE practice. Twig’s Languaging Guide is an excellent resource for SE students and practitioners!” Michelle Eldridge, SEP

Some Video Examples from Twig’s Guide to the SE Language:


$250 per participant for access to the entire library found in Twig’s Guide to the SE Language.
Purchase Here – Twig’s Guide to the SE Language

Made for SE students and practitioners to help you feel more success and find ease in your work

If you’re not completely confident in your SE communications yet, this Guide will help you:
  • Avoid client confusion by appreciating how to introduce SE style requests in a way that will be engaging and sensible.
  • Actually get a response when you ask “Can you tell me what you notice now?” by knowing when to ask it and how.
  • Banish client boredom by being able to adjust your requests to match your client’s relative resiliency keeping them engaged and participatory.
  • Avoid session derailment by knowing how to direct attention back to what is clinically relevant while still building curiosity.
  • Find the right titration by adjusting your requests and feedback to where your client’s can become more spontaneous and increase things from there.
  • Structure for success by keeping a Yes/And posture where you’re able to join and steer a client’s attention with more grace and ease.
  • Keep things moving forward because really if you don’t, you’re not going anywhere.

 “It’s much easier to steer things toward the right direction if you’ve already got some momentum.”  -Twig

Twig's Guide to the SE Language

A well-produced online video course systematically exploring SE style communications and how to improve your sessions by knowing what to say, when and why. From beginner to advanced. This program has helped many other SE students and practitioners access their competency in their work. Maybe it can help you too.