01 – Introduction to Twig’s StressLess Series for Getting through Wildfires and other Natural Disasters

Sometimes things happen that are essentially beyond our control and impossible to know when they will end or what the consequences will be once they are over. Wildfires and other natural disasters are good examples of these kinds of experiences.

Generally speaking, these are considered “traumatic events” and while different people experience these things with more or less discomfort, the signal of danger turns on the stress response for everyone – given a long enough time in stress, even the calmest and brave ones amongst us start to get short tempered, make poor decisions and feel the impacts on our health.

These challenging times have an impact on us. A real, sincere, important to recognize impact – the effects of which can be minimized if we have some important information and practical things to do.

This StressLess audio series was created for my community in the Methow Valley during the Carlton Complex fires in Northern Washington in 2014. That was a very stressful time for my neighbors and myself. With the help of our local radio station Kroot 97.5, I produced these recordings to help share some simple ideas about how our bodies and nervous systems respond to stressful events, and what that information can tell us about how we can care for ourselves and our families while going through bad stuff.

Many of my neighbors assured me that these recordings were helpful to them in calming and attending to their own stress response and I hope they will be helpful to you or someone you know (please pass it on).

When going through a dangerous event that will last long enough for you to take stock of what’s going on…it’s a good idea for you to work on behalf of minimizing your body’s sense of stress and excessive effort and activation. I hope you will find enough moments of safety along the way that will allow you to do that. These recordings will share many different ideas on how you might do so.

Wishing you the very best. – Twig, November – 2017

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