Declarations and Disclaimers – what and Twig is and is not

Claims on what this website intends to be:

Here are some agreements we should have between us: Me, Anthony Twig Wheeler, the sole and only person responsible for the material found on (unless other wise noted) and you, the visitor and user of the information found on this site.

First, I’ll claim that the information found here is as accurate as I can make it at the time of posting. I take every effort to post content that is verifiable, respectful and sensible. Whenever I can’t immediately back up or support my claims, and when it’s not clearly just an opinion, I’ll do my best to provide a way for you to look into it further.

Secondly, is a venue for me to share my thoughts and impressions about our world and the nature of our humanity. I do this as a professional service as well as a personal practice of participation in the conversation about the organization and direction of our lives. I am as personally committed to this conversation as I am professionally responsible to it. With that my professional work and personal experience are highly integrated. Furthermore, I intentionally maintain an independent voice by being self-employed. Hence, what you find here is what I have to say, when I’m ready to say it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In all of this, I’d ask that you remember something: my position as a cultural animator is specifically chosen to give me access to a certain type of conversation as an informed community participant. I do not have tenure in the themes I investigate here and this gives me the opportunity to converse across common barriers for communication that indoctrination, specialization and incumbancy can produce. While this opens some doors it obviously closes others. Ultimately this says that I am not and cannot be an absolute expert in the many things that I speak about and thus my information cannot be exhaustive. If you like what I have to say, you might be inclined to quote or reference me. You’re absolutely welcome to do that but I ask that you do so with respect to what I actually am rather than what might be convenient for me to be when you’re intending to prove a point. With that, please think of me as a cultural animator and social observer with a particular point of view that’s informed by a lot of “stuff,” study and thought. But nowhere do I claim to be an expert in it all. I’m more a generalist than a specialist or a special generalist and the varied themes of this site proves that point.

That all being said: If you find something on that you know to be incorrect or inaccurate please take a moment to pass me a note about it so I can look into the need for correction. And finally, please quote me at your own risk.

Feedback is always welcome but please keep this in mind:

The majority of material on is my considered opinion. “My considered opinion” means I’ve taken great effort to actually work out my words and thoughts before I share them. That doesn’t mean I always get it right and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re always going to like it–it would be impossible for everyone to like what I have to say and just as impossible for any one person to like everything I have to say. If you disagree with me and are inclined to share your differences please feel free to do so, I’m curious and open to criticism within the range of a few considerations:
  • That what you have to share is considered opinion and neither your first knee jerk reaction or ideological regurgitation.
  • You appreciate that there’s been a lot of investigation into the nature of things. At this point some thoughts and reasoning have simply been shown as more sensible than others. The truly nonsensical ones don’t need to ask for my time (or yours for that matter).
  • That you remain respectful toward me and others.
  • That you’re not spamming me with unsolicited sales or opinion about unrelated material than what is presented on
Agreed? Then I’d love to hear from you.

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Disclaimers on what this website isn’t:

We should also be clear what this website and the information on it is not: 

Medical disclaimer: The information on is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only. The information herein is meant to supplement, not replace, medical advice offered by physicians. It may not be construed as medical prescription.

Association Disclaimer: The words, opinions and perspectives expressed on are those of Anthony “Twig” Wheeler and no other individual or institution unless otherwise noted. Anthony “Twig” Wheeler alone is responsible for the content of

Perfection Disclaimer: Anthony “Twig” Wheeler and assumes no responsibility for being perfect, beyond reproach or otherwise infallible. As a human being and cultural animator Twig insists on the right to be inside the problems and concerns of the human community, sharing in its imperfections, hypocrisies and periodic idiocy. You and me: we’re in this together.

Remember: perfection is the enemy, you’ve got to leave some way for the unknown to get in. – Twig