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New People Note:

Please read the page below before moving on to the posts in my SE Reflections Blog. That will help both of us. Once you feel clear about what this project is and is not please be welcomed to the Posts. They're here for you SE students and practitioners everywhere. - Twig

Twig’s SE Reflections

Twigs SE Reflections web This project is designed to share thoughts and reflections on what I do and do not do as a psycho-biologically based somatic therapist specializing in SE®. It is targeted specifically for SE students, practitioners and associated helping care professionals so they can take these ideas and make their own work better than ever (and better than mine).

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

If this is not you, you’ll probably find other public projects on more helpful to you as the specific nature of this project will not translate well to the general public.

This effort is born out of 5 basic issues 

  1. In my case consultation, assisting and educational roles with my SE colleagues I am regularly asked very similar questions. Rather than continue to answer these questions on an individual basis I have created this forum to give them to a wider audience.
  2. I receive a steady stream of questions via email which I do my best to respond to but which I suspect would be of interest to the broader SE community. This is a way for me to “scale” these answers so more of us can benefit from the conversation.
  3. I have been personally and professionally enriched by the SE community since I entered my first training in February 2004. This project is one way in which I’d like to return the many gifts that I have received over these years and express my gratitude for that support.
  4. As I’ve often said, I came to SE primarily from a theoretical perspective. While I greatly enjoy working directly with clients as a practitioner, the interplay between theory and practice remains my central focus. This project is meant to act as an “intellectual oasis” in which I can continue this exploration.
  5. SE and the new traumatology are an ever expanding well-spring of limitless insight and opportunity for growth and expansion. I hope to continue to be a part of this exploration for decades to come. That said, I have several other long term projects and concerns that continue to call for my attention. Eventually I hope to have completed enough of my impulse to share my understanding of SE with other therapists so I can redirect at least some of my attention toward issues directly related to social justice, human-ecological relationships and the unfolding ecological/social crises around us. This project is not a “farewell” to my participation with the SE community but it does act as a transitional effort to other cultural animation projects that I’m interested in pursuing.

How you can participate

  • Share this with your friend’s and colleagues.
  • Submit a question, thought or criticism for review.
  • Hire me for a consultation, session or presentation.
  • Inform me of a needed correction or reconsideration.
  • Drop a word of encouragement or other thought.
  • Create something beautiful and tell me about it so I can shout “That’s SO COOL!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this for? Helping care professionals who are integrating psycho-biology and somatic therapy principles into their work.
  • What is it? A blog series offering practical suggestions and theoretical reflections on the refined use of Somatic Experiencing and associated healing modalities.
  • Who makes it? Me – Anthony Twig Wheeler – an SE practitioner and consultant who’s grokked this stuff. I can help you “grok” it too. That’s the point of this blog, to join in the effort to have more of us get it.
  • Should I trust you? Not without consideration. Please don’t assume you can agree with me on 100% of what I offer here. That can’t and shouldn’t be done, don’t try.
  • How much does it cost? The blog series is free – though you can support it financially by hiring me as a consultant, practitioner or participating in a workshop or performance event. Donations are welcome too.
  • How often is it updated? Eventually there will be a discernible schedule for postings. For now, I’m just going to get started and see what happens next.
  • How do I get updates? Each update will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed specific to SE Reflections (this is different than my other Facebook and Twitter Feeds). An email newsletter aggregating the latest posts will be sent out at the end of each month. The RSS feed is on the blog page. You can sign up for the other services here.
  • Can I participate? You can, and you’re encouraged to do so. There’s a list above with some ideas and I’m open to another creative idea if you’ve got one.
  • Can I post comments? Yes and no. You can certainly send me questions or commentary and I really hope you will. If you’re on Facebook and Twitter you can comment there as well. I don’t maintain open comments on this site.
  • How long will it last? At least until the end of 2014. After that we’ll see if I have anything productive left to share. The blog is set up to be archived for long term access and durability.
  • What level of training is this material? This blog project is NOT a reflection of the SE training or curriculum, though at times it will share certain logic. These reflections are meant to be be adjunctive to the training and the experience of practicing SE, much like reading a book by Dr. Robert Scaer or listening to a lecture by Stephen Porges PhD. If you are currently in the training, please be respectful of your faculty and classmates by not bringing material into your class from this blog that is clearly beyond the scope of your current training or colleagues.
  • Where’s the copyright? This project is held under a creative commons copyright license. That means you can share these words with others as long as you give appropriate credit. Please do not try to capitalize (make money) from my efforts and do provide links back to this blog. I’m highly attentive to not exploiting other people’s material on this blog and I anticipate that you’ll do the same. Please review the creative commons license information at the bottom of this page if you’re interested in duplicating this work.
  • Can I learn SE here? Nope. If you want to do that visit the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute’s website.
  • To be absolutely crystal clear: Twig’s SE Refections project is not a replacement for official training in Somatic Experiencing®. Please don’t pretend like it is, it is NOT. Agreed?


Association Disclaimer: The words, opinions and perspectives expressed on and Twig’s SE Reflections are those of Anthony Twig Wheeler and no other individual or institution unless otherwise noted. Twig alone is responsible for the content.

Affiliation Disclaimer: I have had the opportunity to assist and consult with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI), formerly the Foundation for Human Enrichment (FHE), the sole body responsible for official professional training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing®. I am currently approved as a session provider and consultant by SETI to provide sessions, consultations and group consultations at all levels of the SE training. I hope this relationship will continue. However, I am not under the auspices or pay of SETI or any other related institution except if otherwise stated. This blog does not officially represent the views, opinions or policy of SETI.

Perfection Disclaimer: Anthony Twig Wheeler, and Twig’s SE Reflections blog assumes no responsibility for being perfect, beyond reproach or otherwise infallible. These are my best considered opinions about the nature of psycho-biologically informed somatic therapies, particularly as exemplified by Somatic Experiencing®. That said, there are different, varying and even contradictory perspectives out there which may have more accuracy than what I’ve presented here. Feel free to take issue, to disagree, even to think I’m an idiot, but please be respectful and aid my understanding when sharing a contrary opinion or clarification. And don’t take me too seriously, really, I can be just as big a fool as anyone else.

Creative Commons License

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